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Guestbook for All Photographs
I'm a Manifold Forum lurker and am very much taken by your photos.
Thanks for both them and for your contributions to the Manifold Forum
Hi Col, just cam across your site. Some amazing photo's Silas would be so proud and I know he will be watching on with great joy and satisfaction as you capture more stunning pictures. I have a few black and white pics from Silas at home, I often show them to my children and tell them what a great person and friend Silas was. Still think of him almost daily and thoughts of his courage and determination inspire me every day.

Cheers, Mick
Gustavo Palminha(non-registered)
Great photos Colin.

Greetings from Portugal.
Great shots!
Picked up your site from Manifold forum.

I hope I'll have time to visit Lake Macquarie while I'm here in Sydney.
I have a meager 600D but that'll do for a newbie like me =)
Love your work Colin
I to am in Lake Macquarie (Windermere Park)

Keep up the GR8 work
Regards Glenn
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